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Barrier netting

Extruded construction site nets made from non-recycled polyethylene for quick and temporary fencing of private and public construction sites and roadworks. Weight: 150 g/m² and 250 g/m².
The nets are attached to posts with a maximum distance of 2.50m between the posts.
The 250 g/m² quality complies with the technical requirements of the Belgian national railways.

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Quotation requestArticle codeDimensionsPieces / palletColourTechnical data sheet
150 g/m²
(go to request) 25918..
1.00m x 50m
250 g/m²
(go to request) 25930..
1.00m x 50m
(go to request) 25915
post for construction site netting - height: 1.25m

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