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Fiberglass reinforcement mesh

Fiberglass nets with alkaline-resistant SBR coating for the reinforcement of traditional screeds and flowing screeds. The nets reduce cracking during screed drying.
Mesh reinforcement is advisable in case of unbonded screeds (laid on a plastic membrane), floating screeds (laid on insulation), thin screeds and floor heating.

Advantages over metal reinforcement mesh:
- can be easily transported, unrolled and cut;
- low specific weight combined with very high tensile strength;
- no corrosion.

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1.00m x 50m

Duranet fibreglass reinforcement mesh is a better alternative than metal reinforcement mesh to strengthen foundations. This method of reinforcing foundations has been increasingly popular over years, replacing traditional metal reinforcement mesh. This is only logical, since fibreglass reinforcement mesh is not only cheaper than steel reinforcement mesh, it also offers several practical advantages. Fibreglass reinforcement mesh effectively reduces cracking of traditional screeds and flowing screeds. The application of fibreglass reinforcement mesh also increases the stability of floors. In addition, Duranet reinforcement mesh provides the following advantages:
• corrosion is not possible;
• lightweight;
• easily transportable;
• easy unrolling and installation;
• easy to cut off by means of a utility knife or scissors;
• fibreglass reinforcement mesh increases the screed’s flexural and tensile strength;
• can also be used in thin screeds;
• fibreglass reinforcement mesh is suitable for use in combination with underfloor heating.

The reinforcement mesh retains its strength long after the screed has broken.
Duranet reinforcement mesh can be used in a wide variety of screed applications, including in very thin screeds.

Installation of Duranet fiberglass reinforcement mesh

- apply a layer of screed of half the desired thickness;
- roll out the net in strips and make sure it is completely flat and does not curl up;
- the strips need to be installed with a minimum overlap of 10 cm;
- cut the net by means of a utility knife or scissors;
- interrupt the mesh reinforcement at the joints;
- the net can be placed on top of tubes and pipes;
- apply the top layer of screed immediately after rolling out the net.

Do not store the rolls in direct sunlight.

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