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Lifting nets

Nets for lifting loads with a low volumetric weight such as roof insulation materials. Maximum load capacity: 400 kg.
Material: knotless high-tenacity polypropylene; yarn thickness: 5mm. Border rope: Ø 11mm. Edged all round with Ø 12mm polyamide rope.
The lifting nets are exclusively available with abrasion-resistant loops at the corners.

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Lifting nets are intended for lifting loads with a low volumetric weight (such as roof insulation materials) by means of a crane.

It is strictly forbidden to use the net for lifting goods with sharp edges or persons.
The goods to be lifted must be at least twice the size of the mesh opening, and the volumetric weight (=weight/volume) of the goods must always be smaller than 100 kg/m³.
The goods must never be stacked higher than the border rope of the net.

The maximum permissible static load on the net is 400 kg on delivery. This load capacity is guaranteed until one year after delivery.
Plastics disintegrate due to weathering (a combination of sun and moisture), which considerably reduces the initial breaking strength over time.

In case the net shows deficiencies (broken meshes, damaged loops, worn edge rope) due to use, it must be taken out of service immediately. Any repairs to the net may only be performed by the Duranet staff.

Store the lifting net in a dry place and never near a heat source; do not expose the net to aggressive substances (acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, etc.) or to direct sunlight.

Under no circumstances should people walk under a load lifted by means of a net.

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