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Scaffold nets with logo print

Scaffold nets made from UV stabilised polyethylene tape fabric. Weight: 105 g/m² (66% air-permeable) and 140 g/m² (30% air-permeable). Available in 8 colours.
The nets can be seamed all round and fitted with Ø 16mm galvanised steel eyelets at 50cm intervals. Screen printing or digital printing is possible.

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105 g/m²
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140 g/m²
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any dimensions

Scaffold nets are mainly used in construction. Also known as scaffolding nets or scaffold mesh, these nets are fixed to the outside of the scaffold. Depending on the model, these scaffold nets prevent debris, small building materials and dust from falling onto a public road. In addition, they improve the working conditions on the scaffold. Scaffold nets are translucent, so that artificial light is not required during the daytime. The scaffold nets are also designed to minimise wind load. Reinforcement strips are provided along the top and bottom edges as well as in the middle, with eyelets at regular intervals. Scaffold nets can be attached quickly and easily, e.g. by means of cable ties or cable straps. Duranet scaffold nets are available in various colours, dimensions and fabric weights. If desired, promotional messages can be printed on some scaffold nets.

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