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Attachment accessories for anti-litter nets

In case of permanent installation, the tripod frames can be supplied with accessories for attachment to steel wire ropes.

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Quotation requestArticle codeDescriptionColourTechnical data sheet
(go to request) 66140
Ø 4/6mm PVC-coated galvanised steel wire rope
(go to request) 66171
galvanised M8 turnbuckle for Ø 4mm wire rope
(go to request) 66181
galvanised wire rope clamp for Ø 4mm wire rope
(go to request) 66234..
open ring for wire ropes up to Ø 6mm
(go to request) 66235..
open ring - mounted onto the net
(go to request) 32903
ground anchor
(go to request) 32904
drive rod for ground anchor

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