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Polyester/PVC tarpaulins, 570 g/m²

Professional tarpaulins, suitable for long-term covering and protection in all weather conditions. Thanks to their good UV resistance and high abrasion resistance, these tarpaulins are frequently used in the industry and transport sector.
Polyester fabric with double-sided PVC coating. Ø 16mm galvanised steel eyelets at 50cm intervals. The flame-retardant tarpaulins comply with DIN 4102 B1.

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Quotation requestArticle codeDimensionsPieces / boxColourTechnical data sheet
Polyester/PVC, 570 g/m²
(go to request) 25250..
4m x 6m
(go to request) 25251..
5m x 6m
(go to request) 25252..
6m x 8m
(go to request) 25253..
6m x 10m
(go to request) 25254..
8m x 10m
(go to request) 25255..
10m x 12m
(go to request) 25249..
any dimensions
Polyester/PVC, 650g/m² - flame-retardant
(go to request) 25290..
any dimensions

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