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Container cover tarpaulins

Professional tarpaulins for covering waste containers and trucks. PVC coated polyester, suitable for waterproof covering in all weather conditions. Seamed all round and fitted with Ø 18mm galvanised steel eyelets at 50cm intervals.
The tarpaulins are made to measure. Tarpaulins with standard dimensions are available from stock.
Weight approx. 570 g/m².

The 350 g/m² tarpaulins are made from silicone-coated polyester and ideal for the transport of hot asphalt.

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Quotation requestArticle codeDimensionsColourTechnical data sheet
Polyester/PVC 570g/m²
(go to request) 55125..
3.50m x 5.00m
(go to request) 55126..
3.50m x 6.00m
(go to request) 55127..
3.50m x 7.00m
(go to request) 55128..
3.50m x 8.00m
(go to request) 55249..
any dimensions
Polyester/silicone 350g/m²
(go to request) 55255..
any dimensions

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