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Leightweight fly net

These knitted nets made from UV stabilised polyethylene only weigh 45 g/m². Thanks to the net's low weight, crops can grow easily without being hampered by the nets. As these insect nets are water-repellent, rainfall does not make them heavier. The nets can be reused for several years and protect crops against caterpillars, cabbage flies, carrot flies and allium leaf miners. They also provide effective protection against flea beetles and many other insects.
The fine mesh ensures sufficient light and air circulation.

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  • Leightweight fly net Netten
Quotation requestArticle codeWeightDimensionsCuttingColourTechnical data sheet
Leightweight fly net (mesh size: 0.80mm x 1.00mm)
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45 g/m²
2.40m x 125m
(go to request) 81564..
45 g/m²
4.80m x 125m
(go to request) 81566..
45 g/m²
8.00m x 125m
(go to request) 81567..
45 g/m²
12.00m x 125m

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