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Artificial hedge screening

Artificial hedge in 3m long rolls, consisting of narrow PVC strips. Thickness: approx. 70mm. Natural look thanks to multicoloured leaves. UV stabilised, parasite-free, air-permeable and maintenance-free.

5 years warranty.

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1.00m x 3.00m
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1.20m x 3.00m
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1.50m x 3.00m
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1.80m x 3.00m
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2.00m x 3.00m

Artificial hedges are used for installation against fences. Duranet artificial hedges consist of narrow PVC strips attached to a steel frame. Their multi-coloured foliage gives the Duranet artificial hedges a natural look. In addition, the artificial hedges are UV stabilised, which ensures colour fastness for many years. The artificial hedges are also air-permeable. Duranet artificial hedges are available in 5 different heights and with a 3m length.

An artificial hedge screen consists of PVC tape wrapped around vertical strands of twisted galvanised steel wire. Duranet artificial hedge screens have 48 vertical strands per running metre. The strands are interconnected by means of double twisted horizontal steel wires at least every 20 cm. These wires project approx. 5 cm from the sides of the hedge.
The hedge is to be mounted on a wire fence in the following manner:
- Put the hedge upright against the fence and fasten the left-hand side of each screen to the fence by means of the projecting horizontal steel wires.
- Unroll the hedge and fasten it both horizontally and vertically to the fence by means of binding wire at least every 40 cm. Preferably attach the binding wire where the vertical and horizontal steel wires of the artificial hedge intersect.
- Also fasten the right-hand side to the fence by means of the projecting horizontal steel wires.
- Repeat the procedure for each subsequent screen.

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