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Garden screening nets 90%

Garden screening nets made from knitted UV stabilised polyethylene with eyelets woven in lengthwise, 90% visual obstruction.
Application: obstructing the view of private gardens and premises.

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  • Garden screening nets 90% Netten
Quotation requestArticle codeWeightDimensionsCuttingColourTechnical data sheet
(go to request) 80715..
185 g/m²
1.50 x 20m
(go to request) 80718..
185 g/m²
1.80 x 20m
(go to request) 80720..
185 g/m²
2.00 x 20m
(go to request) 81652..
185 g/m²
1.20m x 50m
(go to request) 81653..
185 g/m²
1.50m x 50m
(go to request) 81654..
185 g/m²
1.80m x 50m
(go to request) 81655..
185 g/m²
2.00m x 50m

Tensioning the garden screening net on a wire-mesh fence.

1. The net is completely unfolded on a clean surface.
2. A Ø 4mm polyethylene rope is passed through the upper row of polyester eyelets. The procedure is repeated for the lower row.
3. The side of the net is turned once around the first pole and the two ropes are looped around the pole several times and tied.
4. The net is tightened over the ropes. The end of the net is turned around the last pole. The upper rope is looped around the pole, tensioned and tied. The procedure is repeated for the lower rope.
5. At least once every 6 eyelets, the tension ropes are attached to the wire mesh as well as to each pole by means of black cable ties.

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