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Garden pond cover nets

High-quality mesh nets to prevent leaves, branches and debris from getting into garden and swimming ponds and to provide protection from herons. Made to measure in any length and width desired. Material: rot-resistant UV stabilised polyethylene. Our wide-mesh nets are 0.9 mm thick and are provided as a standard with a 5mm border rope. Our fine-mesh nets are made seamless with a width of up to 4m.

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Quotation requestArticle codeMesh sizeDimensionsColourTechnical data sheet
Wide-mesh nets
(go to request) 82419..
any dimensions
(go to request) 82428..
any dimensions
Fine-mesh nets
(go to request) 82520..
3mm x 6mm
any dimensions
(go to request) 82530..
6mm x 7mm
any dimensions
(go to request) 81929
hem finish and Ø 10mm brass eyelets at 50cm intervals

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