Mandatory annual inspection of construction safety nets

Fall arrest nets and edge protection nets are frequently used on construction sites to protect people from falling. Exposure to the weather gradually affects the energy absorption capacity of these nets, however. It is therefore essential that the nets are not just visually inspected for damage, but also tested annually for tensile strength.

Fall arrest nets and edge protection nets must comply with the European Standard EN 1263-1 which stipulates that construction safety nets must have an identification label stating, among other things, the production date and the minimum energy absorption capacity. This information is important for the mandatory annual inspection. To conduct this inspection, the nets are equipped with three test meshes with a ring featuring the serial number. Every year, the user must return one of these test meshes together with a picture of the identification label.

During the inspection, we check whether the safety net still meets the minimum energy absorption requirements by conducting a tensile test on the test mesh. This enables us to determine the test mesh’s as well as the safety net’s remaining energy absorption capacity. Watch the video to see how such a test is conducted.

In case of a positive inspection result, the customer will receive an inspection label to be attached to the net. This enables the inspection authorities to check whether the net continues to comply with the standards. In case of a negative inspection result, the net must be withdrawn from use immediately and definitively.

Since the first inspection must take place within 1 year after the production date, nets with 3 test meshes may be used for maximum 4 consecutive years. The nets always need to be replaced after this period.

Annual inspection