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Turf reinforcement mesh

Robust, flexible nets in rotproof extruded polyethylene for temporary protection and reinforcement of turf to make them accessible to pedestrians, bicycles and passenger vehicles. Thickness: ca. 5.2mm. Mesh size: 27mm x 27mm.
The nets increase the soil’s bearing capacity and prevent rutting or damage to the turf. They can be reused multiple times.
Applications: temporary parking spaces, caravan parks, intensively used grassy paths, grassy driveways.

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  • Turf reinforcement mesh Netten
  • Turf reinforcement mesh Netten
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675 g/m²
2.00m x 25m

The grass should be cut short prior to installation. The turf reinforcement net is rolled out a few metres on a level surface and is then fastened at 25 cm intervals on one short side by means of U-pins. Subsequently, the net is rolled out completely and tensioned, after which the other short side is fastened in the same manner. The nets must be placed with a 20cm overlap. In addition, the nets need to be secured to each other in a longitudinal direction by means of U-pins at one-metre intervals.
The grass will grow through the mesh openings and cover the net, which will give it a natural look.

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