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Hercules attachment accessories

All steel attachment accessories are galvanised as a standard finish. Stainless steel finish at an additional charge on request.

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  • Hercules attachment accessories Netten
Quotation requestArticle codeDescriptionTechnical data sheet
(go to request) 1090050
M8, M10 or M12 threaded rod
(go to request) 1090400
M12 threaded sleeve - length: 40mm
(go to request) 1090110
M10 eyebolt
(go to request) 1090112
M12 eyebolt
(go to request) 1090210
M10 ring nut
(go to request) 1090212
M12 ring nut
(go to request) 1090310
ring 9mm x 45mm
(go to request) 1090320
ring 10mm x 50mm
(go to request) 1090330
ring 12mm x 60mm
(go to request) 1090160
M10 fork connector
(go to request) 1090660
anchor chain 5mm
(go to request) 1090010
ferrule for rope or ladder
(go to request) 1090690
T connector - with crimp sleeve
(go to request) 1090680
knot ball – supplied separately
(go to request) 1090516
large PA thimble
(go to request) 1090517
small PA thimble
(go to request) 1090520
PE full thimble with 12mm opening

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