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Paintball screen nets

Lightweight, transparent and air-permeable fine-mesh nets in UV stabilised polyethylene for fencing paintball fields.
Mesh size: 5.5mm x 5.5mm.
The paintball nets prevent stray paintballs from ending up outside the field.

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  • Paintball screen nets Netten
  • Paintball screen nets Netten
  • Paintball screen nets Netten
Quotation requestArticle codeWeightDimensionsColourTechnical data sheet
(go to request) 780330..
90 g/m²
3.00m x 100m
(go to request) 780340..
90 g/m²
4.00m x 100m
(go to request) 780350..
90 g/m²
5.00m x 100m
(go to request) 780460..
110 g/m²
6.00m x 100m

Paintball nets must be hung loose. The nets should not be tensioned because tensioning would reduce their absorption capacity.
A 5 metre safety perimeter should always be observed on both sides of the nets.

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