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Robust rail system for court divider nets. The rails are suitable for fastening to walls as well as ceilings. One support is to be installed every metre.

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Quotation requestArticle codeDescriptionTechnical data sheet
(go to request) 66194
galvanised steel rail H 40mm x W 40mm x L 6.00m
(go to request) 66195
rail support for wall
(go to request) 66196
rail support for ceiling
(go to request) 66197
(go to request) 66198
end piece
(go to request) 66200
galvanised steel rail glider - 2 rollers
(go to request) 66211
galvanised carabiner 6mm x 60mm (pursuant to DIN 5299C)
(go to request) 66215
galvanised carabiner 6mm x 60mm - installed onto the net

The rails are to be fastened to the ceiling or wall by means of rail supports. One support is to be installed every metre.
Several rails can be installed in a row by means of connectors. An end piece must be installed on both ends of the rail.

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