Plastic nets and tarpaulins for any type of application

Construction & industry

Nets and tarpaulins for construction, transport, goods storage, packaging, environmental engineering and industry.

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Garden & agriculture

Nets and agrotextiles for crop protection, landscaping, do-it-yourself and the agricultural industry.

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Sports & recreation

Nets for sports, playgrounds and events.

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Made to measure nets and tarpaulins

Knotless and knotted nets, fine-mesh nets and tarpaulins are produced to meet your wishes in any shape and size. Our machinery can handle any challenge.

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Duranet invests in Sweed scrap chopper to recycle straps

Straps are often used to keep boxes closed and to stabilise loads on pallets during transport.  These straps are used only once and often end up with the residual waste, so they are typically incinerated. In order to further reduce our residual waste stream, we have recently invested in a Sweed scrap chopper. This machine cuts polyester, polypropylene and metal straps into short pieces, which can then be easily transported to a…

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Discover your online customer portal now!

Our revamped website has been online since the beginning of January! On our new website, you will still find an up-to-date overview of our products as before. In addition, you can now make quotations and place orders yourself. You calculate your purchase price 24/7, both for standard and customised products. The system immediately shows you an estimated dispatch date so you can see when the goods are ready for dispatch.

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