Emergency roof tarp

Patented tarpaulin to temporarily protect a roof that has been damaged by fire, storm or hail or to quickly protect the roof structure of a house under construction against the rain.
The lightweight tarpaulin is made from highly UV resistant polyethylene tape fabric with windproof and watertight coating. Thanks to the welded vertical and diagonal reinforcement straps, it has a tear resistance comparable to a tarp which weighs 3 times as much.
The emergency roof tarp is equipped with a shatterproof wooden disc and a M12 lifting eye bolt in the centre as well as with Ø 10mm aluminium rings at one-metre intervals all round.
Supplied with a 25m woven strap, to be cut in 4 pieces and to be attached to the tips for easy positioning of the tarpaulin during installation.
Applications: roof works, fire brigade services, civil protection services.

- easy to install by means of a tower crane or aerial ladder;
- quick installation and removal: considerable time savings;
- very high tear resistance;
- translucent;
- size makes it possible to cover over 90% of all buildings.