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Straw bale cover fleece / beet cover fleece

Straw bale cover fleece made from rot-resistant, highly UV stabilised polypropylene. Suitable for covering straw or hay bales, sugar beet, wood chips and grain. Provides protection against wind and precipitation, and prevents the buildup of condensation.
The tear-resistant fabric is air and vapour-permeable yet water-repellent and less wind-sensitive than foil or tarpaulin, which means it can be reused for several years.

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  • Straw bale cover fleece / beet cover fleece Netten
Quotation requestArticle codeWeightDimensionsColourTechnical data sheet
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140 g/m²
9.80m x 12.50m
(go to request) 81833..
140 g/m²
9.80m x 25.00m

The bales are stacked in a pyramid, preferably under a 45° angle, so that rainwater can run off optimally. The sheets are rolled out across the stack with a 30cm overlap. The sheets are held in position by means of sandbags.
The sheets are to be stored out of the sun in a dry space.

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