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Knotted aviary nets with diamond mesh

Professional fencing nets. Without a border rope.
Material: UV stabilised, high-density polyethylene. Yarn thickness: 1.2mm; yarn construction: 3 x 5. Water-repellent, rot-resistant and mould-free.

With over 30 years of proven quality, this product is used by professional bird breeders, zoos and hobbyists. Duranet aviary nets combine high tensile strength with a low weight, which makes it possible to cover surfaces of over 10,000 m², even in areas with heavy snowfall.

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Quotation requestArticle codeMesh sizeDimensionsCuttingColourTechnical data sheet
(go to request) 81960..
7.21m x 60.10m
(go to request) 81961..
5.66m x 70.70m
(go to request) 81962..
8.49m x 106.00m
(go to request) 81963..
9.90m x 101.50m
(go to request) 81967..
14.85m x 101.50m
(go to request) 81964..
11.31m x 101.90m
(go to request) 81965..
14.14m x 99.70m
(go to request) 81966..
16.97m x 101.90m

Knotted aviary netting is a heavy-duty netting type used by professional and hobby breeders for covering bird pens. Aviary netting is also applied in zoos. Duranet supplies aviary netting with a yarn thickness of 1.2mm, 1.8mm or 2.5mm and a mesh size ranging from 17mm to 150mm. Aviary netting is sold in bales as well as made to measure with border rope. Duranet also offers a wide range of accessories for tensioning the aviary netting.

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