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Support nets

Plant support nets made from extruded polypropylene with 170mm mesh for training climbing beans, cucumbers, gherkins and pea plants during growth.
The nets are UV stabilised and resistant to chemicals.

Support nets facilitate harvesting and ensure better ripening.
In horizontal applications, support nets are also suitable for supporting long-stemmed flowers.

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  • Support nets Netten
  • Support nets Netten
Quotation requestArticle codeWeightDimensionsColourTechnical data sheet
(go to request) 81273..
9 g/m²
1.19m x 500m
(go to request) 81276..
9 g/m²
1.53m x 500m
(go to request) 81278..
9 g/m²
1.70m x 500m
(go to request) 81280..
9 g/m²
2.04m x 500m

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