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Swimming pool bubble covers

Lightweight, floating swimming pool covers made from polyethylene bubble film, thickness: 0.4mm, UV stabilised. Seamed all round and provided with Ø 19mm stainless steel eyelets at approx. 80cm intervals along the widths, including fasteners for use with a roller.
The isothermal covers limit evaporation and maintain water temperature during the summer months, resulting in lower heating costs.
Attention! Bubble covers are not safety covers!

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Bubble covers need to be placed on the water surface with the bubbles facing down. Bubble covers needs to be removed if the water temperature exceeds 28°C. In addition, they have to be removed for at least 2 days in case of a chlorine shock treatment.
Bubble covers not being used should be stored out of the sun in summer and in a frost-free space in winter.

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