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Sports & recreation

Climbing ropes and rope ladders

Durable climbing ropes in soft polypropylene. Top end provided with galvanised steel clamp and bottom end provided with black plastic heat shrink sleeve.
Additional charge for galvanised steel thimble and ring at the top.

Rope ladders made from polypropylene rope with 14mm diameter. Ash wood rungs, width: 40cm, three per metre. Suspension by means of galvanised steel thimbles and rings.

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Quotation requestArticle codeDescriptionColourTechnical data sheet
Climbing ropes - diameter: 30mm
(go to request) 10125..
climbing rope - length: up to 3m
(go to request) 10126..
climbing rope - extra metre
Climbing ropes - diameter: 36mm
(go to request) 10129..
climbing rope - length: up to 3m
(go to request) 10130..
climbing rope - extra metre
(go to request) 10135
additional charge for suspension ring
Rope ladder
(go to request) 10140..
rope ladder

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