Discover your online customer portal now!

Discover your online customer portal now!

Our revamped website has been online since the beginning of January!

On our new website, you will still find an up-to-date overview of our products as before. In addition, you can now make quotations and place orders yourself. You calculate your purchase price 24/7, both for standard and customised products. The system immediately shows you an estimated dispatch date so you can see when the goods are ready for dispatch.

Both the offers you have made yourself and those made by us can be placed in orders with a single click. After checking your order, you will receive an order confirmation from us with a final dispatch date. Do you regularly place the same order? No problem! Simply copy and re-order.

Via your personal dashboard, you can consult all your quotations and orders and immediately see their status. You will also find the shipping notes and invoices for previous orders. If you wish, you can download these immediately.

Via the settings, you can assign different rights to different people in your organisation so that you decide who can do what and who can consult which documents.

Ready to get started online?

Surf to and request your access code or contact us for more information!