Why fall arrest nets are essential to the construction industry

In the construction industry, safety in general, and the protection of construction workers in particular, are of paramount importance. Working in this industry often involve significant risks. Fall arrest nets help to create a safe working environment.

Nets prevent injuries

Fall arrest nets serve as a protective net in the event of a fall and absorb the impact of a fall. Companies use these nets for construction and assembly work at great height, such as industrial buildings, bridge construction, demolition work, etc. Mounting nets literally saves lives and ensures that construction workers can simply stand up and continue their work, despite a fall.

Legal Obligation

The installation of nets is not only important for the safety of construction workers. It is also a legal requirement in situations where there is a risk of falling. Construction companies must comply with this obligation to prevent construction sites from being closed and/or fined by government agencies in the absence of these nets.

Safety Standards

Like other products, fall arrest nets must meet a predetermined standard. The European standard EN 1263-1 has been developed for this purpose. This standard determines, among other things, how a fall arrest net must be manufactured. The EN 1263-2 standard describes the installation of these nets.

Regular check-ups

When construction workers fall into these nets, the energy released during the fall spreads throughout the net. However, due to the exposure to the climate, a fall arrest net loses its capacity to absorb this fall energy over time. It is therefore important to check the nets regularly to ensure that they still meet the predetermined energy absorption capacity. The nets are therefore equipped with three test meshes so that an accredited laboratory can carry out an annual test. In addition to this annual check, the nets must also be visually inspected each time they are used to check for broken meshes, damaged edge ropes, etc. Nets showing defects can obviously no longer be used.

Cost savings?

Investing in fall arrest nets obviously involves an upfront cost. However, in the long run, it will result in considerable cost savings. Preventing workplace accidents reduces absenteeism and/or work stoppages. As a result, the execution of works is not delayed. You also avoid lawsuits and/or increased insurance premiums in the event of serious and/or fatal accidents.

But installing fall arrest nets also ensures peace of mind for your construction workers. After all, they know that a life-saving barrier is in place should something go wrong. This allows them to focus on their work without having to worry about their own safety all the time. This leads to better concentration, and consequently higher productivity.

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